Friday, 10 February 2017

How to take up sugar challenge?


We all want to look and feel great each day, isn't?
Avoiding sugar is just the right answer for this question as it makes the body healthy and brain smarter.

Here's the LEFT & RIGHT for this challenge....

❌ Refined white sugar
❌ Brown sugar
❌ Sugar free / Aspartame
❌ Colas / Fruit juices
❌ Fast foods / Packaged foods

✔ Dark organic jaggery
✔ Organic Honey
✔ Organic Maple syrup
✔ Stevia leaves
✔ Fruits / dried fruits

This challenge is for your weekend but you can extend it for a week too. The choice is yours!

So how long do you choose to follow this left right left and march ahead towards good health?

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